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Update #8 (GMOD Grand Opening)

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(This post was last modified: 05-19-2018, 08:41 AM by Human Tree92.)
As most of you who are in our Steam Group haven't noticed we are doing our Grand Opening for our Garry's Mod Server on June 18, 2017. We will also be doing a reward for the 1st 10 people who join our server & complete the Police Test. But please note that if your a VE Member or Staff for Velociti Entertainment you will NOT receive a reward as those of you would have a huge advantage over everyone else. We are also going to be doing rewards every week for the players on our GMOD Server & as the Main owner of the GMOD Server you will not see me doing much on the Server as far the being Police, Fire, or EMS. I will be giving Police, Fire, & EMS RP situations.

Founder/Owner of Velociti Entertainment
William J Plunkett Jr aka Human Tree92
06-18-2017, 06:47 AM
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