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Update #16 (GMOD & Community)

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(This post was last modified: 05-19-2018, 08:47 AM by Human Tree92.)
So for the past few months i have been listening to the people that actually play on our GMOD Server. We are implementing some new things such as PD paying for their vehicles, more FD ranks, & a few smaller things. Also i would like to announce that our Rust server is finally up & running. Its a Public PVP server. If you play on it let me know if we should Mod it or not.

GMOD Updates:
So right now all Emergency Services must purchase their vehicles. Instead of them being FREE. Some Emergency Service Vehicles are more expensive then others due to we want players to have to spend time to unlock better vehicles instead of them having full access to all of them right of the bat. We are still waiting on the New Shop System to be fixed so we can add the Furniture Store, FAS2 Weapons, & Moonshining. These next few days you will see a couple of new things like UTime. So players can see how long they have played on our server. Also all admins will be able to see the Total & Session Playtime in the !menu screen under gTime. All players have access the Physgun & new rules have been added for props & the use of the Physgun to prevent bad stuff happening. We will be getting a few other things around the map like a Metal Detector in certain places & we will replacing our MOTD page with a better one. We will also have a Escape Screen that is not like the Original GMOD one. Props & FAS2 are all finished just waiting for the new NPC shop to get updated. Also once the new NPC shop is finished PD will now also have to purchase the guns & attachments instead of getting them for FREE. We have also lowered PD Pay rate instead of it being so OP.

Crafting Mod - Still being worked on but not working on it as much as i should be

GMOD Planned Updates:
Hunger Mod - We will be adding this depending on what our Players think
Cooking Script - To make food for Hunger Mod instead of Buying Food
Flash & Smoke Grenade - For SWAT
Casino Hold'em & Slots - Give more gambling (Fast way to make money & then lose 500K)
Cinema Kit - Allow users to watch videos in the Movie Theater
Furniture Store - Allow users to buy furniture for the Apartments & Houses
NPC Shop/Rob System - Allows users to buy stuff from shops & have an option to rob them
And a few others that i don't have time to list them all.

GMOD Possible Updates:
Car Bombs - Would give VIPs another special Weapon & gives SWAT a Weapon to check for Bombs
Press Plates - Will decrease your time in jail for every plate you make.
Event Addon - Will allow us to do special events like Street Racing & Battles
Bathroom Mod - You have to go Pee & Poop every now & then. Also allows you to Pee Blood & if you don't use a restroom you can get cited

Founder/Owner of Velociti Entertainment
William J Plunkett Jr aka Human Tree92
08-15-2017, 12:35 PM
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