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William J Plunkett Jr aka Human Tree92

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Joined: Feb 2017
Hello Velociti Entertainment People.

I am the Owner & Founder of Velociti Entertainment. Velociti Entertainment was my first business. It was originally just an Electronic Buy-Sell-Repair. I started the Company back in 2011 Repairing Electronic Devices in my hometown. Now i am Repair Electronic Devices for people all around Missouri. In 2015 I decided i wanted to do a PC Gaming Community. At this time i have been in many Clans that would last 1-2 yrs or the Admins would fight with each over. I decided that it was time to leave all that behind and start a Gaming Community. I ended starting out on my own and over the next month i had a TS3 & Website setup. After a short period of time i had members & admins. But soon after i had members & admins abusing their powers. I couldn't trust anyone at this. Then i ran into a friend from an old GTA Clan. Soon after Austin Miller became my Co-Owner of Velociti Entertainment. Me and him have been starting many RP Games. We tried GTA, H1Z1, ETS2, & a few others. Soon after we started a Virtual Trucking called Velociti Trucking which we use for one of the other RP Games we play American Truck Simulator. After many attempts of trying other Games and members joining other Clans while being part of Velociti Entertainment we decided to expand into better games. Currently we are working on Garry's Mod RP Server and in the future plan on doing Arma 3 & Police 10-13 (If they ever release it).

My Full name is William Joseph Plunkett Jr & i live in Butler, Missouri 64730 of the United States of America. My Timezone is CST. I have studied Graphics Design & Computer Engineering. As a kid i grew up with 1 mother & 1 father & 1 older brother. My mom was pretty much a stay at home mom but my dad since he was 16 worked on Computers. So growing up was fun b/c both me & my brother would learn about Computers. My brother is 3yrs older then me. Now more about me. I am 7ft tall and weigh around 160pds. Yes i am tall i know. I don't play any sports including BASKETBALL so stop asking. My favorite things to do are Play Video Games, Go Mudding, Drinking, working on Cars, & spending time with family. I currently don't work anywhere but run my own Business. In the future i plan on Getting Married & having 2-3 kids but also want to adopt 1 child. I am wanting to become a Police Officer for Bates County Police Dept. and work as a Police Officer for around 20yrs. Once i get too old for the job i plan on becoming a Truck Driver so i can see the rest of America while getting Paid. After so many years of being a truck driver i would like to retire and spend as much time with my kids and hopefully grand kids.

Soon after i pass away i will live in the ground. (If you really thought that i was going to explain anymore than that maybe do you research on what happens to people when they die).

Founder/Owner of Velociti Entertainment
William J Plunkett Jr aka Human Tree92
04-26-2019, 12:08 PM
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