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Update #17 (GMOD, New Server Rust, & Community) - Human Tree92 - 08-24-2017

So i haven't been noticing much people on Velociti Entertainment the past few weeks. I do understand that some of you are back in school but activity here is pretty lame. With that being said i am not to sure how much our servers will be up. Since i the Owner of Velociti Entertainment ain't making enough money to keep supporting the payments of $50 a Month to keep the servers online. What money i do make for my business is & can only be used for my Business. Also what money i have been saving up personally is supposed to being going to my new PC build & it will really piss me off if i can't build my new PC within the next few months because my current PC won't play the games that i want.

I do not work for anyone i work for myself which is tough. So with that being said if we do not start getting at least $25 in donations a month we will be forced to close down. Also i have added ads to my website to help also pay for the server but its hard to get money through that when every god damn person out there uses an adblock. So if you want to help us out all you have to do is click on the ads 1-3x a day. Last month we made $3 just from me clicking on the ads 1-3x a week.

We have removed the old MOTD Page when you type !motd in-game. Now its something new. We also have a custom Escape Menu. The new MOTD page has a Online Status where it will show you who all is online just like the scoreboard would. With that being said the Scoreboard is now locked to admins only. This is to stop players from seeing how much money a player has on them & what jobs they are. We have also added Metal Detectors to certain locations of the map. If you go through these Metal Detectors with a Illegal Item or Weapon the alarms will go off for 3 seconds. There has also been a few scripts/addons fixed & updated.

Still waiting for a few things from the new NPC Shop System to be updated to put in the Kevlar System, Moonshine, & opium System. Also crafting mod will not be put in until we have the new NPC Shop system has it is currently setup to use our new weapons.

Hunger Mod - We will be adding this depending on what our Players think
Cooking Script - To make food for Hunger Mod instead of Buying Food
Flash & Smoke Grenade - For SWAT
Casino Hold'em & Slots - Give more gambling (Fast way to make money & then lose 500K)
Cinema Kit - Allow users to watch videos in the Movie Theater
Furniture Store - Allow users to buy furniture for the Apartments & Houses
NPC Shop/Rob System - Allows users to buy stuff from shops & have an option to rob them
And a few others that i don't have time to list them all.

GMOD Possible Updates:
Car Bombs - Would give VIPs another special Weapon & gives SWAT a Weapon to check for Bombs
Press Plates - Will decrease your time in jail for every plate you make.
Event Addon - Will allow us to do special events like Street Racing & Battles
Bathroom Mod - You have to go Pee & Poop every now & then. Also allows you to Pee Blood & if you don't use a restroom you can get cited

Rust Updates:
We currently finished out Rust server & after a week of playing on Vanilla we decided it was time to go with a Modded Server. We have added a few things like Death Notes, Info Panel, No Decay, InstaCraft, etc. You can check out the full list of mods when you go to first join our server.