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Update #10 (GMOD) - Human Tree92 - 06-26-2017

The GMOD Server has been updated. See the changes below

Updated a Few Scripts
Now when you get into a car that you don't have a license for it will tell you that you will need a license & what license you need
Changed fire script fire spreading from 15secs to 45secs
Getting ready to add Hungermod
Now should be able to put Large Fish Crate & Fishing Radar in itemstore
Adding a Radio Script to allow users to buy a Radio for when they are doing drugs or whatever

GMOD Planned Updates:
As we start Receiving donations will be adding more Scripts & Mods.
Hunger Mod - We will be adding this depending on what our Players think
FBI/Coroner Job - Whitelist Job
Cooking Script - To make food for Hunger Mod instead of Buying Food
Flash & Smoke Grenade - For SWAT
Metal Detector - These would be placed at PD, City Hall, Bank, FD, & Hospital
Casino Hold'em & Slots - Give more gambling (Fast way to make money & then lose 500K)
Cinema Kit - Allow users to watch videos in the Movie Theater

GMOD Possible Updates:
Car Bombs - Would give VIPs another special Weapon & gives SWAT a Weapon to check for Bombs
Press Plates - Will decrease your time in jail for every plate you make.
Event Addon - Will allow us to do special events like Street Racing & Battles
Bathroom Mod - You have to go Pee & Poop every now & then. Also allows you to Pee Blood & if you don't use a restroom you can get cited