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Update #27 (FiveM & Community) - Human Tree92 - 05-14-2018

Lately we have been having a few small problems with our Dedicated Server. So in the mean time while some of this stuff is being worked on we have setup a Discord so we can all still stay in contact. You can find our Discord at our Steam Group Page or at the Profile of Human Tree92 on Steam. We are still hard working on trying to get everything finished but we just hit a small bump in the road with our Dedi & hope to have everything fixed with it in the next few days maybe week.

In other news our FiveM is just about finished. The only things we have left to finish is our CAD system & Custom Vehicles. Once we are done with all that we will work on quick updates then we will push for another Private Beta. After 2-3 days of Private Beta we will release the server for Open Beta. The new release date for our FiveM is on June 4, 2018.