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Update #21 (GMOD Final, FiveM, & Community)

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(This post was last modified: 05-19-2018, 08:51 AM by Human Tree92.)
So some of you may have noticed that our Garry's Mod server is no longer up. Well this is due to the fact that our player base for GMOD is really really sad. After putting in close to $1,000 into GMOD we have decided its best to close it down. No need to waste space on our Dedi on a Server that nobody plays on. Also to note that closing the GMOD server down is not really more on players. Mainly due to the fact that GMOD is dying & full of 12yr old trolls. And mostly because we are working on a FiveM server. The Plus side of doing a FiveM server is it won't cost us anything. As Mods & Scripts for FiveM are 100% FREE!!! Yeah thats right FREE. I know i know i just used the F word. Closing down GMOD is a very hard decision. But its better now since we will have a FiveM server that will take the place of GMOD which the FiveM server will be focused on Heavily Enforced RP. We are pushing for a late release date on 04-02-2018. But may get released sooner depending on if we get done sooner.

Note: We have backuped all the GMOD files. So in case we decide to start another GMOD up we have all the original files.

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William J Plunkett Jr aka Human Tree92
03-14-2018, 10:21 PM
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